The Milos Stehlik Legacy Fund

To continue Facets groundbreaking work.

Support for the Milos Stehlik Legacy Fund allows Facets to continue its groundbreaking work in film education, exhibition, and distribution. 


"Facets takes a chance on films no one else does. We don't chase trends. We make them." 

-- Milos Stehlik, Facets Founder

"There's some human beings that were named national treasures of the United States. They haven't named Milos yet, but I do. I hope and wish there's a great future for Facets." 

-- Werner Herzog, Film Director

"Together through thick and thin (or, as the old Mel Brooks line puts it, 'through thin') Stehlik and Facets have served as Chicago's most valiant champions of international cinema for decades." 

-- Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune (read full article)


Your support gives Facets the privilege and opportunity to celebrate and continue Milos Stehlik's legacy. 


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